White Water Rafting in Far North QLD

31/03/18 – Cailen Mulligan

 So you sailed out to the Great Barrier Reef, rode the train up to Kuranda, and now you have a free day in Cairns. Looking for something to do? Consider checking out the incredible white water of North Queensland. No previous rafting experience necessary; all you need is a set of swimmers and an understanding you are about to get wet.

Cairns is fortunate to have two world class rivers only a short bus ride away. The area is one of very few on the planet with enough rainfall to keep rafts afloat year round with the highest water levels occurring during the wet season between December and April. Rivers here are classified using a scale from I-VI, I being slow moving water with the occasional wave and VI being something along the lines of Niagara Falls. White water in the area is between class II and IV.

The Barron River

Those looking for excitement, but not too much excitement, this is the trip for you. This is a half day trip fantastic for those on a tight schedule as well. The Barron is a class III river with enough rapids to delight even experienced paddlers, ending in a serene float across Lake Placid through the beautiful rain forest.

The Tully River

Known in paddling communities across the globe as one of the ultimate stretches of white water in the world. At class IV the adrenaline will be flowing in even the most seasoned thrill seekers, but don’t worry, beginners are welcome also. Around the half way mark, rafts pull over for a delicious BBQ lunch in the shade. Conquerors of this river will have experienced the best rafting on the continent including incredible rainforest views, stunning waterfalls, and a cliff jump if you are up for it.

If either of these sound like the trip for you, swing by reception to book your white water adventure!