Health & Safety 
You, our staff and our communities are what we care about most. Here at the Coral Tree Inn, we’re taking extra precautions to keep our hotel sparkling clean and sanitised. Your health and peace of mind is our top priority, and we’re double-crossing our t’s and making sure we are adhering to the latest information and directives given by the Queensland Government to maximize the effectiveness of our response. 
Here’s what we’re doing across the hotel:
Guest Safety
  • Staff follow all safety protocols as directed by local authorities
  • Staff wear personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves when required
  • Free hand sanitiser is available at reception
  • The hotel has a strict COVID plan in place, including a stay at home if sick policy for all staff
  • Proper handwashing, social distancing and other safety protocol training are frequently conducted and maintained
  • ALL hotel staff are fully vaccinated
  • The  check-in Queensland scan is compulsory for all guests, staff, visitors or contractor's before entering the hotel; check-in proof is required at reception before entry 
  • All rooms are deep cleaned after check-out with special attention paid to all high-touch surfaces 
  • All rooms are strictly checked by management after departure cleans 
  • Hotel staff will not enter a guest room if it is physically occupied to allow for social distancing 
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in all public spaces and back of house areas, in particular, high touch point zones
  • Clean and disinfected key cards are provided upon check-in
  • Signage in public spaces and back of house areas will remind our guests and staff to maintain social distancing protocols
  • Signage in public bathrooms and back of house will remind our guests and staff to practice good hand hygiene